There are many different types of hand dryers available these days. Whether it’s a push-button or a high-speed hand dryer, establishments are sure to be equipped with one. An automatic hand dryer, however, is the latest in the hand dryer industry and is currently the most technologically-advanced.

But is purchasing an automatic hand dryer a worthy investment? Read on to find out its benefits.

1. It’s more energy-efficient.

Most traditional push-button hand dryers are set to run for 30 seconds. But unlike the push-button type, automatic hand dryers may be set to run for only 10 seconds. Not only is it more convenient to be used by your customers, it also ensures that your hand dryer will not be left turned on without anyone using it.

2. An automatic hand dryer is more hygienic.

Everyone who uses the bathroom knows how dreadful it is to have to touch a surface once they’re done washing their hands. Unfortunately, push-button hand dryers don’t prevent you from doing that. Automatic hand dryers, on the other hand, eliminates the need to touch it for it to work  – making it a more hygienic option.

3. It’s more durable than a push-button hand dryer.

Most automatic hand dryers are more durable than the other types. Because of the amount of research and trial put into improving automatic hand dryers, they’re now more reliable than the push-button ones. Additionally, their sensors are also more sensitive than ever before.

There are now several types of automatic hand dryers for sale. They’re also more widely available than ever before. If you wish to purchase the best type of automatic hand dryers, be sure to get them from ABIS.


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