25000 RPM Motor with a Stainless Steel body to add power and aesthetics to your washroom! Check out the hand dryer and the features here!

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100% Vandal Proof Stainless Steel
Quick and Easy Installation
Smooth Curvy Design
Robust 24000 RPM Motor

Key Features

Out of the numerous benefits that the ABIS Excel 9 Hand Dryers offers, here are the top 3 features that the Excel 9 Offers!

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Robust 24000 RPM Motor

The heart of any hand dryer is the motor inside it. With a 24000 RPM German motor, the ABIS Excel 9 hand dryer offers a robust motor making hand drying quick and effective!

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Lifelong Stainless Steel

Hand dryers are meant to be bought only once and be forgotten about for years to come. This is only possible with high quality stainless steel that you find on the Excel 9 hand dryers!

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More Power, less noise!

The hand dryer need not be a loud one to offer good results. The Excel 9 hand dryer doesn't disturb anyone outside the washroom when operating.

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More USP's

A solid motor offers a quick dry time and a reliable operations for long, long time. The other key points that make the hand dryer even better are:

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Child safe and Vandal Proof

The Excel 9 Hand Dryer is made up of sophisticated electrical work making it totally shock proof and the strong ABS shell makes it totally vandal proof. You can use it in a school, a restaurant, a pub, a public toilet, a stadium and anywhere where you see a lot of traffic coming!

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Intelligent Heating System

Neither too much, nor too less. The magic formula is hard to achieve but our hand dryer's intelligent heating system adapts to the required heat for an effective hand dry making it efficient for the environment as well as the user!

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